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Benefits of Service Dogs

Unparalleled Assistance, Support, and Companionship


Granting a Greater Sense of Independence and Security

No two individuals are exactly alike.  The same is true for children with disabilities.  Each service dog is specifically trained with their child in mind.  Therefore, whether assisting children with mobility challenges, visual or hearing impairments, epilepsy, diabetes, etc. these animals help children gain a greater sense of independence and security as they maneuver through their specific challenges.

Assistance tasks may include:

  • Retrieving items, 

  • Opening doors or pushing buttons, 

  • Aiding with daily dressing or hygiene,

  • Alerting to low blood pressure warnings or seizures,

  • Providing guidance to children who are blind or deaf, and

  • Helping provide stability to children who cannot adequately balance and have high risk for falls.

Cute service dog sitting in wheelchair indoors.jpg


Behavioral and Therapeutic

Due to the higher level of training these animals receive as a part of the certification requirements, these amazing dogs can serve as a model for good behavior – demonstrating sitting quietly, listening, good manners, completing tasks, etc. 


The animals are often used to facilitate improvements in fine and gross motor skills by having the children engage in games and activities with the dogs.  Beyond just the facilitation of therapeutic tasks, these dogs can serve as a additional motivation for children.  After a job well done, the promise of additional play or comfort time with their service dog is the perfect reward!

Dog Lover


Child's Best Friend

These kids will always have the unconditional love and support from their service dog.  The unwavering bond between the child and service dog has immeasurable benefits to these kids' self-esteem.  

These animals can also be used as an intermediate step for those children learning how to appropriately interact with their peers, and can help children with sensory processing challenges.  The animals help children improve overall executive functioning skills. 

Kid and Dog
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