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Our Governance. Our Team.

Our Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of incredibly strong, hard-working, and passionate women that each bring a unique skillset to the organization.  Each member is dedicated to the mission of Anything's PAWSible, and strives to support both the organization and the recipients to receive financial support for their service dogs.

Each calendar year, there will be a ten-month (January-October) window in which prospective applicants can submit requests for support.  When the application window closes, the BODs will review applications for eligibility and consolidate a list of applicants eligible for financial support.  Throughout the calendar year, fundraising efforts will take place in order to maximize the number of children Anything's PAWSible will be able to support.  Once a year at a BOD meeting, the board will assess resources available for allocation and vote on final recipients and amounts awarded.  In the event eligible applicants cannot receive funding in a given calendar year due to resource availability, applicants will automatically be placed on the next year's waiting list for consideration.  The carryover of an approved application will last for an additional year.  If additional support is required beyond that timeframe, families will need to re-submit an application for consideration.  Someone from the Board will be in contact throughout this time to ensure the families understand where they fall within the process.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Shively
President, Anything's PAWSible

Chief, Budget Formulation and Justification (Dept. of Navy)

Jennifer Shively is the founder and  President of Anything's PAWSible.  The inspiration to form this non-profit organization was sparked by her son, Colton.  Jennifer and her family understand first-hand the challenges that face a child with a disability, and she wanted to do more to help provide financial support and additional resources for those children and families in need. 


Jennifer is a strong believer that if a child has access to the appropriate tools, resources, and support, he/she can overcome any obstacle and live a happy,

healthy, and more independent life. 


Jennifer's dream is to help as many families as possible gain access to a service dog that will ultimately provide immeasurable benefits that will last a lifetime.

Jennifer Dreskler
Vice President, Anything's PAWSible
Federal Law E
nforcement Agent
Army Veteran

Jennifer earned her law degree in 2014 and her Masters of Law in 2015, both from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.


Jennifer has served in the US Army Reserves since 2007 as a Military Intelligence and Civil Affairs Officer. She deployed to Africa and now teaches at the University of Toledo Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).


Jennifer has been a Federal Law Enforcement Agent since 2017.  Through Jennifer’s sister, a Victim Advocate and an emotional support dog handler, she has learned the powerful effects that a service dog can have for a child. Jennifer’s sense of duty to the community and passion for health and wellness drives her to support the mission of Anything’s PAWSible.


Beth Chase
COO, Anything's PAWSible
Elementary School Inclusion Teacher

Beth earned her degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Early Childhood Education from Elizabethtown College in 2011.


Beth has been a general education teacher in inclusion classrooms for 12 years in a variety of grades and schools across two counties in Virginia.  As an inclusion teacher her goal is to make academics, emotional development, and the social curriculum accessible for all students with varying degrees of need and support. 

Beth's priorities when teaching are to provide accessibility for all students and to create opportunities for the children in her

classroom to excel. 

Beth believes that these priorities are the ultimate goals within the schools and classrooms.  She also believes that Anything's PAWSible will be able to provide additional accessibility to these children, creating opportunities to excel within their homes and communities as well.  


Jenna Calo
CFO, Anything's PAWSible
Small Business Owner
Physical Therapist

Jenna is an orthopaedic and pelvic floor physical therapist that has been in

practice for since 2011.

Jenna received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Diego, CA and is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist. 


Since becoming a mother, she appreciates the challenges for any parent to effectively provide self care and specializes in women's health physical therapy and postpartum recovery.  She is committed and enthusiastic about working with all people to help them live a life full of healthy pain free movement and exercise. 


While in PT school, Jenna thoroughly enjoyed learning to work with different populations of people on her internships but the children she worked with during pediatric PT rotations left a lasting impression on her heart.  Their hard work and determination mixed with joy and fun along the way was inspiring to witness despite the significant obstacles they had.  Jenna believes that Anything's PAWSible will help provide a supportive resource to children to positively impact their function, enhance their interaction with the world, and positively impact their lives. 

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